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    manhole compression mold

    manhole compression mold

    Product name:manhole compression mold




    A uniform mold temperature means that the temperature of each half of the mold is the same
    (within ±3°C (5°F)) for all locations when the mold is heated by oil or steam. Molds that are
    heated with electric cartridge heaters can vary by as much as 6°C (10°F). A mold with a
    uniform temperature will fill easier and produce parts with less warpage, improved dimensional
    stability and a uniform surface appearance. Achieving a uniform mold temperature is dependent
    on your method of mold heating.
    A mold that is heated by steam or oil will have a uniform mold temperature because the heat
    source maintains a constant temperature. However, oil as a heat source is only about half as
    efficient as steam. Therefore, when using oil to heat a mold, it is necessary to set the oil
    temperature higher than the desired mold temperature.


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