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    thermosetting compression mould

    thermosetting compression mould

    Product name:thermosetting compression mould




     For a good BMC (SMC,) mould design have below key points like:,1, part line design, In order to product’s demoulding and nice, the part line will on the base mould, convenience for clear the flashs;Convenience for mould manufacture and keep product’s strong.
    The BMS(SMC,DMC) mould tooling tolerance in +/-1.5, we can decide the tooling precise of BMC mould according to product requests.
    in addition, the heating system is very important of BMC (SMC,DMC) mould, hearting system including electric hearting, steam hearting and oil hearing, usually we use electric hearting for BMC mould,
    For the mould material of BMC(SMC,DMC) mould ,usually we use steel of mould is H13,718,2738 etc…
    And in order to increase the wear-resisting and corrosion preventive of the BMC(SMC,DMC)  mould,the mould will be make chromeplate, after chromeplated the HRC of the surface of mould about HRC65.


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